AMS Defcon is a Finnish origin security & risk management skill development company. Our training and educational programs are based on the highest educational standards and methods.

We are represented in West Africa and Nigeria by AMS Training Nigeria. Company headquarters are located in Abuja, Nigeria. We concentrate in bringing high quality training curriculums to African law enforcement, military and private security sector.

Our instructors are highly seasoned military, law enforcement, security and risk management professionals with a long experience of teaching and coaching instructors, coaches and teachers. This is our focus! Our approach is to train the trainers. We thrive to give governmental bodies and authorities the skills to provide training to their troops and staff.

We understand the key issues you are facing and we have the tools and capabilities to help. The methodology is to conduct a thorough information protection posture assessment. Our approach is on policy and standards review coordinated to establish an accurate understanding of the current state and key requirements. As a result recommendations provided in the establishment improve the user life cycle management and access privileges of internal employees and outsourcer employees.

Strategic Level

Strategic Programs

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Assessment and Deciding
  • Personnel Training and Education
  • Supporting Technology
  • Research, Intelligence and Development Projects

Key Process Design

  • System Design
  • Personnel Training and Education - program design
  • Integrating Technology to the Systems

Operational Level


  • Intelligence Gathering Process
  • Operational Planning Process
  • Problem/Threat Assessment Process
  • Awareness and Education Program

Education and Training Programs

  • Top Management Programs
  • Operational Management Programs
  • Tactical Level Programs

Tactical Level

Process and Operations Management

  • Intelligence Gathering Actions
  • Intelligence Analisys Actions
  • Operations Delivery
  • Active Learning and Feed-Back

Process and Operations Management

  • Everyday Advisory Service
  • Technology Support
  • Problem Solving Services