Use of Force Instructor Training

Mind Management of a Fighter
DEFCON BLUE is a Use of Force and Self-defence Program for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals

All training is in compliance by European use of force regulation and shall be fitted with each regional and national law enforcement

Every technique is designed to fit maximum amount of threats and defence situations; this allows the user a quicker immediate response and the option to increase the defence measures as required

Defcon Instructor Training

Requirements of the Defcon Instructor Certification

  • 1. Eight (8) years of prior self defence training
  • - Equals to 800 training hours
  • - The requirement of years can be discounted with intensive training methodology
  • - Use of physical force such as kicks and punches must be at professional level before entering the training
  • 2. Must be professional level as Defcon Blue operator and pass the testing for level 1, 2 and 3 with over 80% of full points
  • 3. Must have teaching skills at professional level and pass the instructor test with over 80% of full points
Defcon AMS Instructor Training
  • Stress reactions and theory behind the system
  • Self Defence for Police officers: use of force stance, kicking, punching, countering chokes and holds, defence against knife and stick and other dangerous attacks
  • Takedown and controlling a person on the ground and use of handcuffs
  • Security Check on a Person
  • Transporting and controlling a standing person
  • Use of a non – lethal use of force equipment – baton, spray, stun-guns
  • Prevention techniques for losing a weapon (Pistol and rifle) and other equipment
  • Basic use of a handguns (unit depending!)
  • Combining bare hand skills with the use of equipment (baton, spray, handgun)
  • Scenario training of Law Enforcement and Security Tactics utilizing Defcon Blue
  • First aid and medical training
  • Takedowns, controlling on the ground and the use of handcuffs in two man teams
  • Ground defence techniques ( chokes / punching / etc )
  • Pistol and knife techniques ( Advanced )
  • Controlling a standing or downed person, lifting and transporting techniques in two man teams
  • The use of less lethal use of force equipment in two man teams - teams
  • Advanced pistol and rifle handling and shooting
  • Planning and executing a Scenario Based training
  • Low light and Night operating basic techniques and the use of flashlight
  • Emergency First Aid related to Security / Law Enforcement scenarios
  • First Aid and Medical training
  • Group Training